I do want the best for him and if it's not me, then it's OK.

I dated this guy in high school for a while an never experience anything like what he gives me. He makes me weak in the knees, blush like crazy, nervous but happy, peaceful and warm when he is around me. When he touches me I feel like I can't breathe. The smell of his skins turn me...On top of that the first time I kissed him I tremble.

anyway some stuff happen we broke up I still love him but I move on but my instincts keep saying he loves me an I have been blocking them for a long time now... We broke up and it be bout three years now an I found myself still loving him and missing him ...Bare in mind I try convince my heart,my mind and my soul that he does love me and he never will an I need to find someone who loves me completely be as you can imagine to no avail...On top of this I realize people who are born near or on his birthday are in his sign start being very attracted to me recently and some of his friends he use to know starts coming to me telling me how much they have like me.

I am not looking for anything pertaining to him have been trying avoid any thing that can remain me of him a possible try every means to move on... He has a baby by a girl and I am sort happy wit my guy an its p*ssing me of that he still not out of my mind...I am try really hard an its frustrating.

have anyone been though this before? How did you over come it?

I just need to understand if what I am feeling is lust because I know am not obsesses because I do want the best for him and if it's not me, then it's OK.

I just want to know what I am doing wrong. Why does all the same feelings from then I still have now? Doesn't it get better after a while an the feelings start fading or dim?

have even prayed to find a way out and I don't know if I found my answer yet


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  • I think this phenomenon pertains to females than males.

    I think most people refer to it as the first love blues.

    Many girls that I know still contemplate that first guy that made them quiver. Over and over again.

    He sets the tone for what they will forever search for.

    He can be very effective at clouding a girl's judgment, and making all other guys, even if they are better, obsolete.

    It's really sad, because many girls let that first love affect them so much, that they waste up to ten years of their life searching for him, when he's never going to be found.

    They end up ruining every relationship they have until they finally realize they will never find him, because he is only that one guy, and he isn't that guy they think he is, because it was a combination of timing, where she was emotionally and mentally, and where he was.

    Once that first love is gone, they are gone forever. They will never be that person you thought of them again, and you can never have that love back.

    Don't waste your life thinking about the past. It's gone and it will never come back.


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