How long should I wait to text after breaking up?

Hi everyone

So i've broken up with my boyfriend for a few days ( 3-4 days to be exact)
Well, my friends had contacted and talk to him about it but he said to give it some times to cool down..

How long does a guy "some times to cool down" take?
Should i wait for his text or i text him? ( his ego is really high if your suggestion is wait for his text)

Any advise what should i do? My friend had asked him whether does he still love me or not and his answer was yes! Im confused how long should i wait for this cool down period and should i text him or wait for his text~

Confused lady here
Ps/ we only have been together for going 5 months. altho not very long but still 5 months is not short either~


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  • If you still intend to have contact with him and try to maintain your relationship, you shouldn't call this a "break up." That's just being dishonest with yourself and every one else.

    • hmm.. we indeed broke up as because i mention to him ( you go your way i go my way) during our argument few days back ( anger was there when we quarrelled) so yeah

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    • Hmm like i mention in this post, my friend went to talk to him and he said to give both of some times to cool down first and he mention he still loves me

      we went apart due to stupid reason and of course the you go your way i go my way sentence was actually spilt out in the moment of heat!

    • You have either broken up, or you haven't. Playing that break up/make up game is way too much silly drama and just prolongs the inevitable.

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  • When I broke up with my boyfriend, which was VERY recent.
    It took him a couple weeks to process his emotions. I did not contact him at all.
    I knew he was heartbroken so I opted to keep myself from causing him anymore emotional pain.
    I accepted that I may not get that closure of speaking to him, I wanted him to be ok first and foremost, I was shocked when he finally contacted me. He had said he couldn't be friends or any of that so I thought it was over over.
    We're friends now, I think it's all about knowing the person really!
    Giving them what they need. This was what my X needed, but if you knew him well, you know what to do.


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  • Well you broke up. Don't contact him. Ever. Move on and let him do the same.

    And yeah, he told your friend Blah blah blah... Of course he still loves you, you're the one that broke up with him. If he broke up with you, you'd be the one that still had feelings. By getting back together you'll be wasting each other's time. If you break up once, you're going to break up again, and again, and so on... You're going to waste each other's lives being with the wrong person.

  • IT'S OVER, NEVER contact him ever again. He doesn't deserve to be mind screwed by you any longer. You made a decision and now you need to stop playing games.

    Move on.

  • He wants to make things stable again emotionally... for better or worse. Just be patient.

    • I hope its better because he did mention to my friend that he still loves me ( altho it was my friend who asked him whether he still love me not he mention himself)

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    • How long should i give ! :/

    • How long? Time will tell. But I suggest you go on with your life. In his own time he will do something hopefully, just don't expect. Let him be a man and have the courage to get you back himself. If not, time waiting is a waste in this short life waiting for someone who has no courage to do something about you.

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  • I think it would definitely confuse him if you texted him. I thiink he needs time and space.

  • three weeks!!


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