Girls, Did I deserve this?

So I was dating this girl, and it was long distance and not being able to actually fo something for her sucked, but today it did the most. See I loved her, she loved me, but she never locked down her feelings for me. I feel so bad when she replied when I asked her if she liked anyone who was closer to her and she said, "Yeah, I like a few guys but I love you." This hurt so much. I mean, she wasn't the easiest girlfriend either, she'd always put herself down calling herself ugly, I'd always pick her up, I wouldn't mind that. But she did things that made me question if she even loved me. Then it happened today.. She told me that someone she likes said he likes her... Even though she said herself she wouldn't do anything if someone said they liked her even if she like him. So we broke up, I feel bad, and I don't know why. Was I in the wrong? We've spent countless hours talking over Skype and other things like FaceTime. So we talked practiclly everyday...


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  • You didn't deserve it you were a good guy


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