My ex is dating and I feel miserable! How do I move on for good?

My ex broke up with me 5 months ago but we agreed to be friends with benefits (silly decision I know), I agreed to it in the hopes that he would change his mind and take me back. He broke up with me because he thinks we are at different stages in our lives and that I'm too wild and immature for him.

I always thought I didn't want to lose him because he's a genuinely nice guy but as of late he is becoming someone I don't like anymore, he's ignoring my texts sometimes, being very passive aggressive and only making time for me when it suits him. Whereas before we would do dinner and drinks on a Friday or Saturday night, thats not happening anymore. I'm getting to see him on a Sunday night only when he is hungover and moody, it's like he has just stopped caring about me suddenly.

He's just told me that he has been on dates, I don't know if its mutiple dates with the same girl or mutiple dates with different girls but I feel like my heart is broken all over again, I am sat in work feeling physically sick thinking about this.

I have tried many many times to end our situation but I am just too weak, I always end up getting in touch with him and asking to meet and he always agrees. I need to stop this now and move on, I genuinely can't take this anymore. I feel like I'm about to have a mental breakdown.

How do I stay strong and move on once and for all? I just don't ever see this happening as I have tried and failed 10 plus times.

Why is he suddenly so cold and uncaring? I love him, we have amazing sex I don't want to lose it but I can't take this anymore!


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  • End it and move on if he doesn't want to be with you. He's just going to use you while he shops around out there. Cut contact, delete and block his number. If you're not happy with just being fuck buddies and want more then you deserve to find that and if your ex hasn't made any overture to you to demonstrate that. Dumb reason to break up with someone if you still end up using the other person for sex when it suits you.


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  • Sex may be that great thing.. but is it worth the heart ache over and over again? Its clear you two are never getting back together. Don't let him eat the cake and get away with it. You worth so much more than that sweetie. Its his lost.. if he doesn't see the loving person you are.. His doesn't deserve you period! The reason why his cold and uncaring.. cause his a a$$.. You need to let him go and don't contract him no more. I know it will be hard at first. But give another great guy a chance. :)


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  • Hmmm, been there... You know what i did? I suddenly stoped every contact with him and focused on myself.. I decided that i'll be the hottest ex he ever had, so i hit the gym , i went shopping, i dressed up just for me and decided that i have to fall in love with myself for once because men don't like selfloathing women. Even if he loves you being clingy or too available is a turnoff for them. focus on your self , be fabulous and everyone will ask him why the hell did you break up with her? This will be his punishment. And a bonus, if you love your self other people will fall in love with you too!! Good luck

  • i am so sorry for you. my ex did this to me, too. he broke up with me, deleted me, then added me, but ignored me. i couldnt bear the pain, i deleted him and moved on with my life. it is no big deal, just accept the sadness , but stop contacting him in any way, and stop him to contact you in any way, it is the best for you. one day you will thank yourself for being hard to yourself. focus on your life, friends, family, be confident about yourself, you will find someone much better!!!


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