Tried being friends with ex girlfriend after only being split 2 weeks, now 6 weel later it's become too painful. Not sure what to do?

Ex girlfriend ended our relationship of 2 years but said I still wana be friends and I agreed as I was hurt... i thinking I could change her mind in future.. we seemed to get a bit stale, nobody else was involved. but this friendship is all one way, we, talk and meet up once a week for an hour n text but it's me who asking all the time, we can have long conversations via text but it's me who starts it n I never bring up the relationship even though it's tempting.. This feels like a demotion.. Been doing the friends thing 6 weeks n I feel rubbish as I still want her back. Feels like I'm being kept as a back up plan, Knowing I'm here if she needs a pick me up.. Not sure what to do next. Probably should av said no from start to friendship but now I'm 6 weeks Into it


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  • i think you should give her some space, and think about it by yourself. it doesn't seem she wants you back, so just move on with your life!! things will get better!

    • Yeah I agree, not contacted her in a few days so that's a start. Just very hard to not speak when I miss her.. also work together too

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