Why can't my ex just tell his girlfriend to leave me alone?

Ok so my ex baby's mom has been stalking my home everyday. I've had my share of run ins with her but that's a different story (2months ago). she has a restraining order against me; but she's stalking me? It makes no sense. I know for fact she's stalking me because I live near nothing so she has no busy by my house. I took a picture of her stalking me just in case anything happens and I need to report this. I kindly asking my ex why is she doing this? Can he tell her to stop! His response is she's not worried about me, and she can go wherever she wants. I know that it's bs because she drove past my house 3 times in one day. Then once the other days. I'm confused and don't why she would do this! I have not talk to me ex in months. Can anyone tell me why my ex feels the need to argue about this with me. Instead of correcting it and leaving me alone!


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  • If your boyfriend is too lazy to fix it then break up with him.


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