My boyfriend told me he wants to end the relationship but now, he's saying after vacation and see what happens there. Right now, I feel sad help?

We lived together for 1 year and in the past 3 months we've been arguing a lot due to minor things. He has trust issues and has been picking little words here and there that I say "thinking it's a red flag" of cheating. Over time, I can feel that he's been drifting away so I gave him space to think about what he wants. We both obviously really do love and care about each other. After I gave him the space, he came to me saying that he wants to break up because he thinks that we won't work out at. It was a 180 degrees flip in weeks. He was very harsh saying things like, I don't want to try again, we for sure won't work out. We aren't meant to me. I was very devastated because at this point, we hit the rock bottom on our relationship and he failed to pass this test. He didn't even want to try. He lost feelings and he wants to be my friend. I also have to emphasize that he has a buddy that he hangs out with 24/7 who hates me because I protect my boyfriend from him being taken advantage of. His buddy is in welfare and don't want to work and just wants to use my boyfriend's help to make his life easier. He's thinking if we break up, he can move in with him if i move out. Right before he talk about the breakup he spoke on the phone with his buddy and he wasn't talking, his buddy was. After the talk, he said he's going to find his buddy. I've checked my boyfriend's phone before and I've seen text messages where my boyfriend was thinking in the wrong field, and he encourage him to think that I'm a hoe. I was really angry about that.

Anyways, after the huge break up conversation, he concluded not to breakup yet because we've been through a lot of issues with our lives since day 1. We never really get to enjoy ourselves. We have a vacation coming up so we decided to go to the vacation, have a great time, and come back and see how we feel. He also told me he still LOVES ME but the caring level hasn't been the same. But right now, i feel neglected. He's not holding my hand or showing much affectionate. When he sleep he sometimes cuddle me but sometimes he doesn't. But we are still having sex. I don't know what to do, i hate this feeling because seems like he emotionally blocked himself.

What should i do? I love him a lot.


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  • Take this vacation with him and find ways to make him remember what y'all have shared. In reality this could be the last chance to turn things around. Don't just tell him how much he means to you show him.


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