Can someone tell me what's going on with my ex?

she broke up with me over a month ago because of long distance (she moved away)... was being mean to me after the breakup, she asked me to be friends i said i needed some space, a couple of days ago she talkd to me saying she misses me and feels empty without me, and feels guilty for not having me, that she doesn't know why I avoid her or ignore her, I told her i was gonna call her.

During the call we were having a normal conversation, she complimented me saying i look in good shape, then i proceded to ask her to tell me whatever she needed to say to me. She said she thought we was going to be friends and when she hit me up i was ignoring her and being mean and bla bla bla (she was being mean first).. i asked her why she wanted to stay friends, she said cuz she wanted to know about my life, to know how were things with me, because she cares about me she broke up with me because we can't do LDR (she gave up) .. i told her i can't be friends with her, she said "this sucks".. later we were kinda texting, i think i got excited cuz i wanted to talk to her deep down, (i still love her but won't be needy again).. she told me she's still in love with me.. and by talking to me she feels like home (sad emoji).. i told her that if she knw how much i wanted things to wrk out and how much it hurt me the way she treated me she would understand why i can't be friends with her... she said "sorry... im selfish" ... she asked me to send her pictures of my life w/o her, (WEIRD SHIT! IK)... but i sent her pictures of my college graduation. She sent me some pictures of the last day we saw each other saying "we look alike ", reminiscing when we were together.

the conversation ended, i think my emotions made me look kinda interested even tho i showd less feelings but i thnk i didn't have to send her pics or show her i still care, but i told her i can't be friends, and if she changes her mind told her to hit me up, no romance no me.

how did i do? what you think will happen? i think she wants me on stand by


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  • Is your choice if you still like her.

  • Nah doesn't sound like standby to me. Sounds like what she wants is to really be friends with you. But if you can't handle it maybe you shouldn't talk atm

    • why would she want to be friends with me? how can that work? after a 3 years relationship? plus i dont want to be her friend, my interests are romantic, not platonic,

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    • who's that?

    • That would be my good friend

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