A month has gone by, still missing him?

I broke up w/my ex a month ago. I realized that I was in a one sided relationship where I was putting in all the care and love while he was making no effort. I approached him 2x about this issue and he was concerned, did nothing, then got very upset w/me the 2nd time. He blamed me for my own unhappiness because he was perfectly content. Some very hurtful stuff was said by him that showed he didn't really want me long term (I should find someone better, we are 2 independent people etc). I miss him a lot, I haven't contacted him (except for my stuff) and I never plan on taking him back. He has made feeble attempts to contact me, where I feel like he hasn't found better, so he thinks that I will coming running back to him. He never saw me as a priority, as he wanted to marry me, he couldn't afford that, but he willingly spent $ at the bar (once a week w/out me) and spent money on stupid things, not a man who wants to save money for getting married and starting a family (something he wanted to do w/me). I asked for no contact after the breakup, he deleted all our pictures w/in about 20 min after the break up. W/his abusive/crazy ex he never deleted all their photos. I was heartbroken to break up, but I started feeling more miserable more times then happy. I found out he was a lazy, egotistical and arrogant guy, who told me I was the best girl that he had dated (not crazy), but the one time I wasn't feeling happy I was crazy. Will I ever stop missing him? It has been better, but I'm kinda afraid of the unsure future.


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  • sorry for what happened to you
    life is just a challenges and choices and you have to accept it. I know It's hard to forget the good things that you've done for others, but it's harder to forget the things that you didn't do for yourself. don't blame yourself for what a happened, just trust that your judgment is right and you deserve to be happy.

    there're things you don’t want to happen, but have to accept, things you don’t want to know, but you have to learn, and people you can’t live without but have to let go. (life is just a lessons and experiences)

    don't be afraid of the future and let God guide your way
    don't worry just take the time you need + be happy. be who you want to be. because everything is temporary, today you get hurt... tomorrow you get heal
    everything will be ok

  • You have to find someone who you are compatible with, even if you loved this man, if you weren't happy then moving on was the best thing for you. Sounds he wanted a relationship but marriage probably isn't something he was crazy for like most guys these days are. It'll get easier over time, just avoid contacting him if you feel too conflicted about it.

    • He wanted marriage, I don't think he realized that marriage actually takes work.

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