Are we broken up? What's going on?

So me and my boyfriend? got into this big fight five days ago. I'm not going to go into details but we were both equally wrong in the argument, then at one point he said to me he doesn't know if he wants to be with me anymore then said he was going to go to sleep and that he would text me in the morning. So the next day I gave him space and waited for him to text but he never did then that night I texted him saying how sorry I was for how I acted the night before but he never replied. The next morning I texted him again saying how sorry I was again but no reply and haven't texted him since. Are we broken up? I don't know what to do it is driving me insane, we have been together for two years so it really hurts to think that would be the way he ended things. Any advice?


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  • take some space to think about (yourself). don't text him, you did your best and took the next step and apologized to him. I understand there's a lot of questions in your mind, but you must choose between your mind and your heart.
    (Don't be just an option in the lives of some people)

    • You're right I need to focus on myself. It just really sucks to think that the past two years really meant that little to him

    • don't worry
      everybody makes mistakes, wrong choices and spend hard times (no one perfect). every day in your life is a second chance, so make it better by surround yourself with people who are able to bring out the best in you (your skills, hobbies, your thoughts, dreams ...( people they love you).

      just don't worry
      today you get hurt... tomorrow you get heal
      everything is temporary... and everything will ok

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  • I once had a relationship end with no closure. He just quit answering my calls and I'm sure I made myself look crazy trying to get ahold of him. One day, I just accepted the fact it was over. It's been 5 days and that's a long time to go without speaking to you if y'all were in a serious relationship. If I were you, I'd shoot him one more text saying you're done with the games, and that if he doesn't reply within a certain amount of time you will accept that it's over and move on. Either he will reply or he won't, and you'll know.


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  • move on with your life, he will come back to you if he is really into you. but i dont think he is. so move on!!


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