Why would my ex say these things to me?

He knows I have genrlaized anxiety disorder and depression. I explain to him that's why I act the way I do. I showed him a my take on here about how to treat friends with anxiety and depression beacuse he seems to not understand how to deal with people with people who have it, he always snaps at them. He just said he didn't care, called me an idoit and that I tick him the fuck off. He aslo said I'm to broken to love. I told him he hurt me a lot these past few months and that I couldn't take it anymore and that I never wanted to speak to him again and he said good. Why would he be so rude to me if a few months ago, he was so caring and sweet?
Does what he is doing count as emontional/verbal abuse?


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  • ... Because he seems to not understand how to deal with people who have it...
    It's Good though, you let him "Have it," and Now... He is feeling guilt ridden.
    What he was then was a phony and Now... No baloney.
    Good luck and my blessings. xxoo


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  • he just isn't into you anymore, but don't worry honey, you deserve someone better than him who will want to help you and understand your mental disorders.

  • Sounds like you need a better guy.


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