Is it good to tell a friend after her boyfriend dumped her that she wasn't herself with him?

Would it give any comfort, if I told her that she lost her glow with him, and she deserves someone who brings out that glow?


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  • Well technically I think it's indifferent. If you want to tell her that, you should. But only if you know she is kinda over her relationship.


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  • No, I think that can maybe be seen as a bit condescending if she's really sensitive right now. You should just do your best to get her to forget about him by talking about other things and doing fun things together. Then when you can see that she's truly happy again, bring it up.


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  • I think it would. You're only being a good friend. They won't know exactly how they're acting/changing since their the one's "in" the relationship but the one's around them can see the change since their "not" in the relationship and can only observešŸ˜‰.


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