Is there any way to lessen your love for someone?

Long story short, I've pretty much given up on the possibility of the girl I like having similar feelings toward me (let alone any girl liking me... but that's for another time). But, the problem is, we are fairly close friends, so I can't simply avoid her, or ignore her. Does anyone have any advice to help me forget my love for her, or to at least help me press my feelings for her to a lesser state?


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    This blog is a very well written piece of advice, with free access to the public, that is written by a GaG member (BobAIR). Please read some articles there and understand that you still have options available to you.

    This blog WILL help you get what you want in life, it helped me.

    Best regards,


    • Alright thanks, I can't read it right now, but do you recommend any specific articles?

    • I'll flip through and pick a few ;D

      In no particular order =)

    • Hey ArtistBboy,

      If it helps you, that means you help me too? How to get over an addictive relationship? God needs an effective one,. Can you help me with this?

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  • Time. It sucks, but you cannot force yourself to get over someone. In fact, that usually makes it worse, and it'll backfire.

    Find a new hobby, hang out with friends, just keep yourself occupied and try not to contact the person too much. Space is paramount when trying to get over someone. Otherwise, it'll make the situation worse.

    Be honest with the person. Best of luck!


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