Can someone please help mee?

I broke up with my ex 4days ago bc even after we fixed things & we were good he went back to ignoring me & maybe it was bc he was still upset with me but he was being such an asshole when i tried texting him again & he would just be so dry with me so i broke up with him the next day, 2 of my friends that talks to him too tried talking to him bout it & he said that he was really mad bc Of that argument that we had , but my friends told him to fix things with me & he said alright so he went up to me , gave me a long hug that made me feel so happy again & told me he was going to my house later on to fix things but then later on he said he couldn't & he couldn't yesterday either bc he had to help out.. But what i dont get is that he hasn't answered my message for these 2 past days , so lastnight his cousin told me he had told her he doesn't want a relationship right now. I wanna at least try talking to him about this whole thing but i dont want to annoy him , he hasn't answered my friend either bc my friend kept texting him but he's just ignoring them iguess bc he's been busy or I don't know but today imma see if he's gonna answer back my friend a text message that says he should come to my house today to fix things , but then again i wanna text him myself telling him ifwe can just talk.. I don't know bc ifeel like im gonna annoy him. Honestly these past days I've been so hurt.. Lastnight i was just crying so much but yea i hope someone can help me out..


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  • It sounds like your walking on egg shells just to try to keep this relationship afloat. Find some good friends to hang with and do something other than talking about him. Make him chase you a bit if he wants you. You shouldn't have to try so hard and hurt yourself for someone to want to be with you.

    • Yeaa thats truu i mean at first he did when we were arguing but then later on he just stopped talking to me bc he got upset , thats when i broke up with him.. Imma just see if he tries to fix things..

    • If he's interested, then wait for him to put some effort in.

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  • You should discuss it without a messenger and then see what happens, although the way things have been handled in these 4 days full of drama, I wouldn't hope for too much.


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  • I think you should ask him to meet up to talk with you. Tbh, I think you can do a lot better than this guy and I'm sure you'd be much happier with someone else. This guy just is just acting like a d*ck and you don't deserve or need that in your life.

    • Yeaa ur right i mean rn this really hurts me but ill see what happens if he tries to at least fix it should go back with him?

    • in my opinion, I think you should just forget about him. From your original post, you said he told you he's fix it and then just went back to his old ways. I dated a guy like this back in May and he never changed. He just wasted my time. But it's your decision in the end. If you're not happy with him, then I'd just forget about him if I were you.

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