My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me because he doesn't have time for the relationship. I'm so confused?

My boyfriend says he loves me but he feels he needs to focus on himself and his career because our relationship isn't his priority right now and he feels I take a lot of his time.

So I've been understanding and given him space he needed for himself. I then noticed he put a picture on WhatsApp of himself and another girl. So i sent him a sad face. He replied don't be sad, its no one just a selfie.
I feel like he did it for my attention to see if I would react.

I was hurt so much, I continued to ignore him, and now his been trying to call me all day, and asked if I'm okay and why am I ignoring him? I replied back Sorry. I need you to leave me be, I need to work on myself. I wish you all the best. He read my message and ignored me. I really want us to work things out, I want things back to go back to how they used to be. But I'm so confused with the way he treats me. Do you think I can turn things around and get him to change his mind and come back to me?


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  • Wow, what a mean guy! He's trouble, I tell you. He came with all that 'I want to focus on career'' bull crap JUST so that he could be with the other girl.

    • Yeah :( I feel so disrespected. I don't understand him. I don't think he truly knows what he wants.

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    • Thank you for you advice and thanks for making me smile and laugh for the first time today :) xx

    • Glad that I could be of assistance! Just remember to value only those who value you equally!

      On a side note... I have this uncanny knack of deriving humour out of even sad situations, and make the people involved laugh/smile! I just put it to use here, and I'm happy that you smiled! :)

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  • he is lying!
    he told you he wanna be focused on his career instead of relationship and he then he puts up a pic of him with another girl? seriously? breaking things off seem to be appropriate

    • I don't know what to believe anymore. I've not contacted him for 3 days. He messaged me today saying he missed me and im sorry for hurting you, I truly appreciate you, you have the sweetest heart and have been so good to me. He claims the picture of him and the girl was taken over a month ago at a wedding he attended and he never ment to hurt me. He said he doesn't ever want to lose me, and that he never broke up with me he just needed space to focus on himself.

    • its a lame approach to get you back... don't fall into his trap

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