Why is he already trying to find a new girl?

I ended things with a guy that Im having a baby with and not even a couple days later I find out he's already trying to find a new girl. I broke up with him because he is a drug addict and has crazy mood swings and overall just isn't a good guy but I still feel sad and miss him. Why does he already want a new girl? Especially after he said so many times before that he wants to be with me and is so happy Im the mother of his child. I dont get it.


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  • Obviously he was lying. All addicts are liars


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  • He is in a conflicted emotion.

    You can't really figure him out unlessnhe decides to open up.

    I know it's hard to move on from someone you have deep feelings for.
    I dont know what to say. Just that don't wait on him.

    Focus on the baby. Your stress and bad mood can have some effects on the baby.

    Talk to your doctor.


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  • sorry but sounds like he was lying and was not interested at all into being in a "real" relationship


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