What does it mean if a guy does this?

Me and this guy were supposed to meetup yesterday but he couldn't because he was busy with work. So then he wanted to meet up today but when I got there he texted me saying "i can't find parking and my phone is dying so can we change the day we meet" what does that mean? I have a feeling he's just not interested because that's not really a good excuse and it's his second time canceling, I just don't get why he would do that. This always happens to me I never meet a good guy. He also blocked me I think because when I sent him a message on iMessage it doesn't say delivered or sent or anything. I just feel really really sad right and I also feel like there's something wrong with me ):


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  • Nothing wrong with you, everything wrong with him


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  • I suggest that you wait until tomorrow and see what happens. When he contacts you, if he doesn't reschedule you can directly ask him if there's something wrong, and if he reschedules and cancels again, you can tell him how you feel about him cancelling everytime.
    Maybe you're right and he's losing interest, but that's not necessarily true. I'd try not to worry so much until we talk again.


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  • Are u hot girl?


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