What a confusing situation. I love my ex girlfriend, and I really believe I can fix this in time. But what's the right way to approach it?

So I'm a young guy who (not to sound cocky) has had a pretty successful love life. Back in April, I met this girl who (to my shock) never had a boyfriend before. In my eyes, she was gorgeous. I loved her personality. And being her first was just such an honor. Long story short, we ended up dating for about 6 months. I fell in love with her. It was just so easy. We went through a lot together and we were truly best friends. Fast forwarding now, school stared and she got very stressed out with everything going on in her life. I was there for her but we were unable to hang out for two weeks (what a long time, right?). Well, after two weeks, she called me and told me she doesn't know if she wants to be in a relationship anymore. She was confused and stressed and "slightly" lost feelings. I didn't get it. I said we can breakup if she wants but let's hangout this weekend and see how it goes. We hung out and it was incredible. Like we didn't miss a beat. She went home after that night and next thing you know one week later, she calls me and breaks up with me. She wanted to remain friends, she was extremely nice about it, and she asked me not to try to fix it so she isn't in the same situation she was in before. I was so distraught and still am. I haven't really contacted her in a whole month since the breakup, but I was contacting her best friend who I thought was helping me with this. It turns out the best friend told my ex everything I was telling her, which was very private, and revealed my plans to get back with my ex. My ex got extremely annoyed with it and seems like she wants nothing to do with me. She seemed happy immediately after the breakup and that hurts cause it's almost like she never cared for me. And whenever people ask her if she misses me she says she "doesn't care at all." How do I take this from here? I know this situation sounds awful but I know my ex and I feel like with enough time, I can win her heart back. I really hope someone can help me out.


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  • One of the hardest lessons to learn in life is to let people go.
    Not to take away what you might feel for her... But the point is, she is not quite into you the way your into her.
    So ask yourself... Is this the way I deserve to be treated? Does this make me feel good inside, the way she rejected me?
    It starts young dude... Some girls/women have issues... She's not going to give you any logical reason why she doesn't want to be with you, maybe she feels she's not ready for a relationship, or maybe she wants to keep her options open, maybe she has her eye on someone else, or maybe she's just not that into you... It really doesn't matter!
    Your self-worth should not be determined on her liking you or not... There are plenty of other fish in the sea, and that's the truth!
    All you need to know and consider is that you deserve better for yourself... Take my advice and throw this one back into the pond in which you found her... Then when your done licking your wounds, cast your reel out again and find someone new... Yup, just like that.

  • I agree with gman1, on most of his points. You really don't want that type of person in your life. You should want to surround yourself with people who do nothing but lift your spirits. But I'm not going to say that there is no chance you can ever win your ex back. If I did I'd be lying. Its just a matter of timing and showing that you have changed the things that she left you for wether it be big or small. Remeber time really does heal all wounds at least in my experiences.


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