Did I mess my relationship with my ex to the point of no return?

Okay so my ex dumped me two months ago after and 6 month relationship. She really loved me, and I really loved her and well still do, in turn I took the break up badly and did very stupid extreme things. She told me things she had never told any other person, like her secrets what has happened in her past. She even told me I'm the only boyfriend she has ever cried in front of which I believe. We broke up because of to much fighting and neither of us trusted the other enough. And well I basically harassed her and repeatedly called and texted up until the point I got a harassment citation from the police. I also got involved with her rebound guys and messed that up for her. Now she wants nothing to do with me and says she hates me and is getting her number changed. While we dated our relationship was in the bliss stage for most of the time. And I was a pretty good boyfriend to her. If that changes anything.
I really need advice. Thank you.

Will time be able to heal this?
Is there a chance she still loves me?
Is there a possibility that I can mend things with her and have another chance?

She just texted me this morning that she kind of misses me. I did not reply because I don't really even know what to say to her at this point. And we still follow each other on social media and she posts depressing stuff saying that she misses someone and wishing she could relive old memories. I don't know what to make of this.


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  • I think you pretty much scarred the love ( and any feeling of affection) out of her with your harassment. What you did was wrong, and you need to realize that. You can't just pester a person with your unwanted attentions and harass them obsessively and just hope everything is going to be okay afterward. If you received a citation, that means she is pretty serious about wanting to get you off of her back. Things are over between the two of you, and she wants you out of her life, so please just do that.


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  • Well there is 3 sides to every story, yours, her's and the truth. How old are you?
    I'd say your pretty much done, from your explanation. Move on, especially since well, you can't contact her in any way now, and she thinks your crazy and called the cops.

    Maybe she is crazy, who knows! But you don't want her...

    • 20, she's 19. I only tried to make things better but obviously only made them worse. Maybe in time it will work itself out. I do love her. Gotta move on though

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  • Oh dear...

    The best thing you can do is to try and move on and forget her... She has had to involve the police which means you have a huge cloud of negativity surrounding you. Then you tried to ruin things with other guys...

    Basically you have tried to destroy her. All because you were being selfish and you should have let her go and come back... instead she won't now :(


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