They won't split now that they have a baby on the way will they?

Cos it's all so exciting starting a family...
They are both 30 years old... Been together for 8 years... Lived together for 3 years... They are not engaged...

A year ago I overheard them fighting... Yelling at each other... He was trying to help her eat the right food (she is very overweight)... And she was getting upset... Then it turned into an all out brawl... Doors were slamming... She was yelling at him, "I'm nearly 30, I want a baby now!"

Now they have announced on facebook that they are expecting a child...
Have they sorted out their problems or did she just demand a child?

he will at least stay until the kids are older hey?


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  • That's a tough question, I don't think they would break up right after a baby but if the relationship is not a healthy one to begin with, no telling if they will break up or not. If it's healthy and they are happy together they would probably stay together. I don't think he would have a baby with her in the first place if he wanted to break up with her. I wouldn't worry too much. Cheers!

    ~Panda Graciosa


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