Girls, how du you feel about being blocked by your ex?

An ex you had a good healthy and relationship with. Before you lost feelings for him you dreamt about getting married someday, and you had planned to move in together.
How would you feel if this ex suddenly blocked you on every social media? Pissed of? Curious? Make you wonder? Would you think he is pissed?


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  • If I don't have feelings for him anymore I wouldn't care at all and it wouldn't make me feel anything. If I still liked him I'd be upset and feel like that was his way of saying it's over.


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  • no i would think he wants to move on...

  • I guess it really depends on the situation and why you broke up.

    If the relationship was really good and nothing bad was happening, then she really can't be surprised that you blocked her. Seeing your ex pop up on your newsfeed can really hurt. And if things were going well with you and you wanted to be with her and were treating her right, then she can't really be mad.

    But if there was something going on with her, then maybe blocking her is not justified?

    I was with my boyfriend for over a year. He talked about moving in together and made me feel amazing for a good part of our relationship. He was great, until he started getting too busy to see me. But I held on because I loved him so much. I still love him. However, I found out he had an active dating profile. And when I confronted him about it he told me that he didn't know it was still up. Even though there were recent pictures of him on it.

    Then my friend decided (on her own) to message him on there. She did and he was giving details about his life and agreed to meet her. So I showed up to meet him and sure enough he came.

    However, despite all of this, my ex seems to think I was the wrongdoer in the situation. He think's that I'm a jerk for accusing him of cheating. Well what does it look like?

    I love him so much and this situation hurts me so much! But what am I supposed to do? If he blocked me, I don't know what I would think. I would probably be upset. But at the same time I feel I need to move on.

    I think if you truly want to impact her, I would talk to her. Blocking her on social media isn't really going to do much. But talking to her might clear some things up for yourself.


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