I have decided. I will NOT love another woman now. Just NO ONE ANYMORE. Who's with me?

No, not love even a guy (if you're trying to be funny).

Had enough! SPARTAA

  • Yes! I'm with you man!
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  • No! You go fuck youself, I'll date women and fuck myself up
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Most Helpful Girl

  • As nice as it is to be single forever, it is in our human nature to seek a companion and it is in our nature to want that sort of thing (intimacy, sex, love, etc). You have my full support, though. It is nice to be single, but you will fall in love again.

    • Well if I do , I hope that one is the last. Something that will last forever I mean

Most Helpful Guy

  • "Had enough! SPARTAA" might undermine your 'not even a guy" stance. They sort of had an enforced system of sexual activity between old and young men.

    Since you are so passionate about sharing it you might ant to look at the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movement.

    Generallythouh I think it's good if people sometimes jut remove themselves from the dating scene for a bit. Get used to who they are to themselves, and stop putting such a value on finding other people. Can do wonders for your mental health.

    Not gunna vote though, because I am still hoping to find the right lass for me.. just not actively. Got better things to do with my time than pine away hoping "the one" arrives lol.

    • Oh you're right. Didn't think of it that way amidst all the energy of boycotting this love-thingy.
      I had absolutely no idea there was a movement like this. Man, I love this website. Enlightening.

      I believe that too. We know little about ourselves these days. Too lost in the chase of getting to know the other one.
      Well mate, not actively seeking the right one is the correct way to go. I second you!

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What Girls Said 10

  • I feel you, i really do. It just doesn't seem like anyone wants what i want in a relationship anymore, so i guess i'll wait.

    • That is the spirit!

    • But hey, you're a little young. I think you can give it another try or waiting would be right

  • Well you'll save a shit tonne of time, money, energy and overrall effort that is typically invested into finding and maintaining love to pursue other passions/goals. Sounds good.

    • Yes you get me. Also will not have to play unnecessary 'games'.

  • Well as I do not like your poll options I say do whatever makes you happy man. All women aren't bad but whatever you wanna do :)

    • Where are the right women at?

    • everywhere, but they'll fin you. you look in one place, theyll find you in another

  • Yes!!! No one can eat me (cookiesandcream) I shall survive!

  • I'm straight and I'm with you :)

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What Guys Said 11

  • Your voting options seemed sort of narrow, but I think the mature response to love, or in your case of broken love is to heal and move forward. It's easy to give up and quit. It takes a real champion to keep trying even when everything is telling them to stop. Don't give up, she's out there

  • You'll be fine. You'll fall in love and date again. we all fucking do it.

    • Man, some positive support here! That is what I'm trying to fucking avoid doing *sigh*

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sai91-uYFKQ Not all women, or men (Not trying to be funny, for the women reading) will do you wrong.

    • That is a erm very encouraging video but just look at this guy!
      I liked the business analogy but also I think I must not actively seek a woman, like he said.
      Women must definitely see this video

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    • If that doesn't encourage you, or that's not what you want... get on Tender and have lots of sex... you can't lose either way.

    • You mean put my body in the market for use by any woman?

      Yeah, I'll just go and download Tinder. Best advice

  • No, mate. That's a terrible idea. Go out and enjoy life! If some floozy broke your heart, never give up! You're a Man, and the world needs to be conquered by men like you! Carpe Diem, Mate!

    • Thanks mate for the encouragement. However this man needs a break from women to conquer this world!
      Carpe Diem!

  • You have decided to remain alone/single forever?

    You have my support.

    • Forever maybe, at least till the time 'the one' doesn't come, shake me up, stare right into my eyes and say "I am the one, you dingo".

      Which probably will never happen. :P Thanks man

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