Is my boyfriend on the fence?

Dating for three months, he needed a break because he felt we were moving too fast. He wasn't sure what he wanted. He agreed to see me after a two week break, we talked and spent an amazing weekend together. He told me before we spent the weekend together that he didn't want to lead me on or give me false hopes. he missed me like crazy and wanted to see me too... we ended spending the whole weekend together. It was like no time had passed, no bickering, he held my hand, we hung out with his family members, it was like we were a couple again.
His actions contradicted his words. This scared me. He texted me saying he was glad I came out and he had a really nice time.
I text him that I did too, but that I had concerns about his mixed messages. He said, "I'll call you tonite".
What do you think I should expect?
  • He's on the fence. Possibly wants to keep his options open.
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  • He's ready to move on.
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  • He cares about you and wants to try again.
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Got a lot out on the table. He wants to continue building our relationship. That time apart really helped us appreciate each other more. Thank you for your responses :)


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  • what was moving too fast for him?

    • I wanted to be in a relationship before he was ready. I said after we started getting serious and meeting his family, that maybe we should just slow down and learn to be friends first. He didn't like that, stating we were "too far in".

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    • Yep ;)

    • thank you! & i hope all went well

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  • break = i wanna fuck other women

    • He swore up and down he hasn't. I believe him.

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    • Is that why they sometimes come back?

  • Simple question.. do you have sex and then he gets confused?

    • No... he just told me in the past that he hasn't felt love in a very long time. He moves slow because of that.

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