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Me and my girlfriend have been going around for 6 months already but I don't know if I should break up with her. I mean we've had our problems but the thing I hate about her is that she always looks through my personal things i.e. my wallet,my phone,my computer etc... The reason being that I lied to her one time, I told her I was at my house asleep but instead I went out with my guy friends to a club cause ever since I have been with her I hardly see them. I do love her but not like I wanted too you know? Also the honest truth is I like being single and independent, I like going out with my friends and not being checked on every hour, I like drinking and not having no one give me crap about it, I also like having my privacy. The problem is that she already knows most of my family and they get along well with her, I also know her family and I get along well with them. I don't know what to do I am all confused right now. Should I break up or no?


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  • I would tell her how you feel about her going through your things. Be assertive but don't be a jerk about it. The whole friend thing shouldn't be an issue. Their your friends so spend time with them. It's a good thing to give each other a little space. If you really care about this girl talk to her and wait a while. If she doesn't change then maybe it's a good idea to breakup. The longer you let it go and you keep feeling that way the more its gonna hurt her and possibly you. I know from experience. About 2 weeks ago my boyfriend broke up with me after our 1 year annv. because he felt "no connection" whatever that means. If all else fails follow your heart.


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  • I think you should tell her straight up that you feel like she acts more like your mom then your girlfriend, okay maybe that's to harsh but I would tell her what she's doing wrong because if you really do love her and she really does love you then maybe she'll stop doing it.

    if it were me I would wait it out, but its your relationship and its your decision.

    -Good Luck.

    • Wait it out in what way? be a little bit more specific?

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    • Lol yeahh.

      i had a crazy stage since he was my first boyfriend and I had given him my everything.

      but then I found things to relax me and yeah I'm good now ahahah(:

    • Thats good I'm glad to hear that well good luck jessica take care thanks for the advice

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