Messaging ex on facebook?

So my ex and I broke up about a year and a half ago. I added him on facebook today and I wanted to message him. We were last in contact about 6 months ago and yes I do want him back.

Any advice on how I could write him back and possibly win him back? I was the one that intiated the breakup but I regret it so much.


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  • Maybe just ask him how he is doing and see where the conversation is going. Try to keep it light and friendly. If it is going good, after a few days ask him whether you could go get coffee or something... this is a clear indication to him that you want to see him and maybe even want him back... so if he accepts he won't be caught off guard when you do bring up your relationship. And if he regrets... then you'll know that it is better to move on.

    • Thanks! He responded back and was actually keeping the conversation going. We agreed to coffee next weekend (not the coming up one). :)

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