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So my ex broke up with me about a month ago. But right before she broke up she came to visit me for my birthday. We were long distance by three hours. So when she came up everything seemed great. We had some troubles and we were working them out like most couples. So I asked her while we were just laying in bed one morning. If everything was okay and how she thought things were going? She said everything was good still needed to work on a few things. Which we were working on, but a week later she calls me to break up with me. Saying she wasn't happy and that the distance was too hard. Sounds like BS to me but I was like why tell me everything is okay when it's. not. I don't care if it's me birthday or Christmas Day tell me so we can work it out or not. Why would she tell me that it was okay when it wasn't?


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  • Perhaps she did actually believe everything was going to be okay but I assume when she visited you she realized that it wasn't working out.

    • But why get me two cards and tell me how much she loved me? Or tell me everything is okay and the 10 mins later have sex? Just seems strange but what done is done can't fix the past.

    • She probably does love you but is no longer in love you. Maybe it was breakup sex.

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  • It seems like she's been thinking about it, at least before she came to visit you. Maybe she thought visiting you would reveal some answers to her distress of the long distance. Breaking up with you on your birthday seems kinda cruel, so when she got back, she really considered her options and decided it was just too much.


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  • She might feel bad.


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