Girlfriend left me & now with a guy who cheats on her? WTF?!

Basically its in the title..

We went out for a bit, we got on really well. One day she goes cold after an amazing week together. She ends it before Christmas and that's that,

Find out she's "seeing" a guy who cheated on her twice that I know of, she's super upset and was gutted (if honest a dark part of laughed at that).. But I saw her this morning with him, all huggy and loved up?!

What do I take from this? Is the thing I did wrong that I didn't shag around behind her back? What am I supposed to learn here?!

Additional little (thanks for answers so far guys)We work together p/t.) I'm going to have to work with her in a small bar once a week at least, so I have to learn to be at least civil or something here... next shift is this Friday! :-(


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  • You are supposed to learn that if she is dumb enough and has low enough self-esteem to let her new boyfriend pump and dump other women and then take him back immediately then you should be glad that unstable idiot is out of your life. Don't do what chicks do and try to interpret the situation and blame yourself, just go out and find a normal girl to start dating.


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  • it means that until she gets her head straightened out and starts being anything more than a mindless fool, she's bound to keep making these mistakes and she's not worth your, or any man's, time. she'll never be anything but a bottomfeeder in the world of relationships until she fixes this problem, and you don't need a bottomfeeder.

  • Just drop her. It'll be hard, but later on she'll find out how good she used to have it.


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