Is it better to walk away?

We've been trying to work things out, but he told me over the phone that he wanted to tell me something and made me promise not to hang up. Then said he's been seeing someone and that he's not happy. Then said he loves me so much and he's leaning more towards me. He then said "you probably don't want to talk to me anymore." I told him no because he has someone, and then he starts laughing and says he was just messing with me. But I don't believe him.

he was supposed to come see me but I had to work so I asked him if he could come next week. But he really wanted to see me. What bothered me was he said he had plans to go on a double date but he canceled them to come spend the weekend with me.


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  • It's never easy to have regret, especially in love. He is trying to open up to you but isn't entirely sure if he should pursue you completely just to have you break his heart and then he's alone. It's a tough situation, so this all really comes down to what you want and how you want to get it. I suggest you don't completely destroy the communication but it is important that you tell him how you feel, really how you feel. If he wants you back, he's going to need to take the risk and definitely break up with the other girl before he starts trying to get you to come back, if that's even something you're considering.

    • But after he I got really upset about that he told me he isn't seeing anyone and that he just wanted to see what I would do and he was laughing. Do you think he is really seeing someone or he was just lying to see my reaction?

    • I honestly don't know what to think. I've always tried to be straight with the girl I'm in love with, so the whole point of him telling you two different things usually means he is trying to get a reaction out of you so he knows you care about him.

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  • Whether he is seeing someone or not.. He is playing mind games with you. If he wants to be serious and get back together with you, then tell him to figure out what he wants from his other relationships, end them if necessary, and then come talk to you. Tell him that your not interested in having to war or worry for him to be yours, if he wants it, then show it.


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  • If he's really dating someone else then yes you should walk away. If you've been trying to figure things out and his way of doing that so is was by dating another girl then it really speaks volumes about how much he values you.

  • Walk away.

    But talk to him before.

    If he refuses to give a clear answer then walk away.



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