Why is he being so nice one minute then so horrible to me the next if he loves his new life?

We broke up 2 months ago he was fine at the beginning then we both got bit nasty as is normal from a break up as we still had to see each other due to having a baby. Then we were really good and he said he wanted us to be friends so that its better for us and our son which i was fine with. But then he started asking me if i wanted to go out with him and our child when it was his time to have him so i could get out the house too and we ended up talking about how we was together couple days later we ended up talking about sex and we joked about a bonus night the next day he came round put our son to bed and when i got back at 8 he ordered takeaway and stayed till 10 then he tells me next day he's seeing someone else not sure where will lead but wanted me to hear it from him but turns out its actually a booty call. I was hurt that only took him 7 weeks to get over what we had but when i then gave him the rest of his stuff back he looked gutted and has been nasty ever since. Sometimes he doesn't show to see our son sometimes he's late so last week when he messaged me on fri 15mins after he was due to come that he was going to be an hour late as felt rough (hed been out drinking night before) i told him not to come till the Sunday (next day he was due) he had a massive go at me and all i said was i had things to do which he knew and wasn't waiting around for him because at 29 he should get up and turn up on time. I got the fact i kicked him out thrown in my face (i asked him to leave due to going out a lot and wanted him to realise what he had but he chose not to come back) and he never told me to wait he's moved on so should i but i never mentioned us. Every argument this is bought up but why? If he loves his life going out getting drunk practically every night and sleeping around and he has no feelings left for me why is he constantly doing it? Stil stuff here too. Is he not moved on? Is he really wantin to be here but won't admit it? Fed up of the drama from him


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  • . For starters you need to set boundaries if your not together and not getting back together then when he comes over its solely for the child. Clearly if he wanted you back hed try harder but hell, he's getting it all. His own free space and a booty call whenever he pleases sees his child every so often then if he gets lucky gets some with you. How I see it, he's out trying to move on, mean time you may be around for a booty call if there's nothing better coming his way. He keeps you hopeful or dangling by telling you what you want to hear mean time keeping his freedom. Like I say if he was so adamant at making you work ( I take it you told him his going out was an issue) then he should address it. Perhaps sit him down and give it to him straight. What is it you want? Do you want to be in a relationship or move on? If so we have to work on these issues together and you have to stop going out on a regular basis. If not then you need to move on stop hassling one another about all the disagreements of the relationship that is no more and keep it souly about the child.

    • Im not sleeping with him. I dont mention us he brings it up when i talk about our son or he dont get what he wants. he's not even bothered to let me know when he's coming to see our son this week as he thinks if he dont tell me i can't make plans so now if im out when he comes round he will kick off again but i dont understand why he's doing it if he's moved on. he's not telling me nothing i want to hear when he's throwing u kicked me out and I've moved on in my face

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    • Also keep any conversations you have with him the likely scenario is he'll make out like your the one making it difficult. My friend has this probably with her ex, gets nothing from him, bothers little other then when it suits and throws shit at her. Just remain the bigger person ignore his shit, get on with your life, ignore his and if he wants to see his child whens fitting for you two (bare in mind you shouldn't have to pussy foot around him) then do so, not saying you will but believe me when I say no matter how much of an arse hole he is dont use the child against him unless of course your child is in harms way, because my partner had this with his previous partner and the poor child has many issues. Again not saying you will but I its just not fair on the child.

    • Thanks i think needs to be done in a contact center

  • Maybe he is confused and is angry at himself but taking it out on you?


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