If me and my ex are friends and she doesn't want her parents to know but I haven't told anyone we even broke up what should we do?

We are trying to make this friendship thing work she doesn't want her family to know we are hanging out and i have nobody else to do anything with and I've been having a rib pain that causes me not to be able to do much like i missed work today cuz of it and she has been making mistakes like going out drinking and smoking which i might add she never did when we dated for 8 months? I want her to know i care!


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  • If possible just have a long talk with her and explain how you do care for her.

    • I feel like that would scare her off i want to get back with her... She is amazing and I don't know what to do without her

    • You must tell it to her straight. Is she gets scared off its possible she just doesn't know how to handle it

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