Cancer men and breakups?

Hi cancer men and women. We were together for 18 years and we also have 3 kids. He cheated on me with this young girl and got her pregnant 3 times while with me. I eventually broke it off, Now he won't even speak to me just to say hi. He talks to the kids but not me. Does dis man think of me at all? How can someone be with you for 18 years and after the breakup not even a call or text. Doesn't he miss or think of me at all? He acts like the victim when he's the one that damaged this relationship. I'm a Gemini and I know the mouthpiece I have when I'm angry but I'm allowed to vent. Any advice is appreciated. I don't know how to move on, where to start from being in a relationship so long


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  • Well, that's really sad that a cancer man can do that to you, because that's highly unlikely and it rarely ever happens, a cancer man doing this is an exception, however you're right he is the one who did the damage. I don't think he even thinks about you, I doubt he ever loved you because if he did he wouldn't have cheated on you.

    • Yup so true. Well he called dis morning but from a different number. He ask about the kids and I speech him off told him he treated me like a dog he never respond all he said was "i'm talking to you now" I hang up on his ass. Whole day he still calling smh

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  • Hmm.. He sounds like he is being a total jerk, and in denial of what happened. If he really isn't concerned about what he put you through, then if I were you, I wouldn't be concerned about him not talking to you right now. He is abusing you as far as I am concerned. Sadly, he may have been in a relationship with you that he was unhappy with for some time and simply does not have any idea of what to even say to you over the situation. He's probably mad and upset at the same time. Since you have kids together, I would give him time and just wait it out.


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  • Your husband being a fucktard has nothing to do with horoscope. You should be glad this piece of shit is not talking to you.


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