How do you approach an ex about getting back together?

Recently, I got dumped. If knowing the details would help check my profile! What is the best way to go about this? I'm still waiting for things to settle, but I want to be prepared in a sense. Should I invite her out to lunch? Just be straight forward and ask if we can talk? What works?


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  • Right after a break up, the best thing is to give her some space. If you try to jump in and force it, she'll pull away fast and easy. Give her some time and ease into the communication in a few weeks. Remember that the first time you guys talk, don't bring up the relationship or getting back together, this will throw her off a little (unless she brings it up and you have no choice). Then, when you guys start to really talk, then you can tell her what you really want. That you want to be together and you're willing to work it out.

    • So, just casually talk to her like we're friends? We work together in one of the school offices so I see her a few times a week

    • I wouldn't say friends, I would say talk to her and treat her like a normal person. And I mean that literally like a normal person, as in she's nothing special. When you act like nothing is going on, people always suspect there is, so you behaving normally can make her interested in what is really going on. This can help you in the long run, especially when you guys talk.

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  • Why would you do this? She already told you that she doesn't want you?


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