Would watching a really scaring movie help clear my mind of my broken heart?

After spending too many months dwelling on the thoughts of my crush/ex-friend (who clearly is ignoring me), I think it's time to forget her and move on. However, it's been pretty hard. So, then it hit me, just the other day, I thought about using a scary movie to forget her. I never watch scary movies because of the really bad effects they have on me. If I could use, this lesser evil to get rid of the other, do you think it's worth it? I'll probably have nightmares for quite some time, but does anyone know if it'll work?
So I went to watch a scary film, and nothing. I even went to see it with another girl on a date, and nothing. My only thought was will I see _____'s face again? I feel hopeless as I write this :(


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  • I can't imagine that working, but you could try it to test it out. Sometimes when people ignore you it's because they feel hurt in someway, or have issues in their lives that they are trying to deal with.

    • I do remember seeing her crying beside me, although it could've been about anything, it does mean she's going through stuff and is hurt. I just want my old friend back, believe me, I'd wish my feelings away if I could just to be friends again

    • Aww I view tears as a sad thought or memory rolling down the cheek.

      She may have a lot of pain inside. To be honest, when I went through a bad time I ignored people I cared about. It was easier to shut myself off from them than to explain to them why I was so sad 😖

      I read your update and I can see you miss her loads. You could message her to let her know you are there for her if she needs a hand of friendship

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  • I would say only only cure for heart beak is time or


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  • Maybe you should try it


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