What do I do? how long should I go without talking to her?

I'mBlack she's white.
Well my girlfriend of 1 year broke up with me mind you she was my best friend for 3 years and we got into a major fight because she was ignoring me while she was with her Female friend so I downloaded this app and pretended to be
Her ex (stupid ik) so basically she's saying she hates me and stuff so she's being two faced with me and not even sayin nun so I confront her about we break up we become friends for a month and so her parents found. A pregnancy test in her bag and when she gets home they got into a huge fight and she says I'm sorryi can't talk to you anymore and she says my parents hate me because of all this and she says her parents think I manipulated her when the first we had sex was 5 months after starting dating and it was on Valentine's day and I asked 4 times if she was sure she wanted to do this and like her parents are turning her against me and so I told her I wanna know why your dad hates me and she says don't call my dad I'll do anything for you not to call him so I do anyway and so she says omfg I hate you this this and this and so the father really does hate me but he never met me... its cause I'm black... smfh but I wrecked my car the next day (hit a deer) and she checks on mr and says I'm glad you're okay and I'm likethx and she's like ik I'm sorry and I'm like it's not your fault then I say Ig you're going back to hating me huh? And she says yes.. then she says I don't hate you I just feel it's best we don't talk I've been thinking about her a lot like... its hard losing a girl you love but it's harder losing your best friend with it...
  • Should I Text her in 30 days?
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  • Should I wait until she texts me?
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  • Or should I just forget about her?
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  • Or go no contact and block her on everything?
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Help me out with these girl problems please?

Valentines Day

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  • Wait is she pregnant or was it a false alarm?

    • False alarm she said her period was veryb light it's usually ya know... heavy but she kept the box for some unknown reason and they found it

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    • I am sorry to hear about that.

    • Yeah she dates one if my homies from school and they work together so I'm through wit it the dudes wit tje biggest hearts get hurt the most now women see why they can't a good guy they get turned into cold hearted ass holes

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Valentines Day