Panic attack after seeing ex?

I was sitting in college with my best friend yesterday and she saw my ex and called him over to ask about some college work we were stuggling with. When I realised it was him she called over, I had a massive panic attack. I felt so scared, anxious, my heart was racing and I couldn't stop shaking. Thank god he didn't stay with us for long and once he left I was fine again.

We weren't together long (3 months), he broke up with me, he was my first love and I was so hurt and heartbroken when he left me. We've been broken up about 8 months now and I've seen two people since him and I most certainly don't want him back or am still in love with him. Any idea how to make these attacks stop? Are these panic attacks even normal when you see you're ex?


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  • Well back in my younger years I'd feel anxious running into an ex also. I think with time you'll feel better if and when you see him. I know, its hard breaking up especially at your age, being in college. // I have lots of good memories and also lots of difficult memories from college. LOL... But hey, it all leads to personal growth.


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  • that is an anxiety attack, not a panic attack. It was mild too... shaky, nervous, clammy skin and feeling kinda cold and shivery...

    It was simply your nerves. Your friend shouldn't have done that though. Not without your permission.

    • Ah okay thanks. Ugh my nerves are the worst.

      Ah it wasn't her fault though, she didn't expect me to react that way and I didn't even expect myself to react that way tbh.

    • Still too much :(

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