Why my ex get angry at his own words?

My ex has been very confusing these last few days. I found out that he was talking to the girl he left me for last night. Anyways he said last night that me and her were "just friends" what I was confused about was if we were "just friends" why would he have me send inappropriate pictures let alone have phone sex with him. He wanted the pictures to see me and the phone sex because he enjoyed it. Now, he was singing a different tune 3 months ago about us taking things slow and trying to work things out so we can get back together, which is why I'm very confused. What's even more confusing is why would he get mad at me saying exactly what he told me. He got mad at me last night because I said that he friend zoned me and that I will just move on because he just wanted to be friends. Every time I would say anything about giving up the fight and leaving to go be with someone else he would get upset and tell me to stop. Eventually he tells me that it's going to break his heart to block me, which I'm not stupid he told me he can't block me because his phone won't let him so he pretty much ignored me the rest of the night. Why would he block me for something he said? Obviously there is something going on that he's hiding or not wanting to say.
Why is my ex getting angry at his own words?


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  • He's your ex for a reason. If he has made it clear he only wants to be friends then believe him. He wouldn't be telling you that if he wanted to try something again any time soon and by the sound of it he really isn't acting like a guy trying to win his ex back. It sounds more like he's enjoying his life and talking to other girls while knowing he still has your attention.

    • It's hard to believe someone who is so flip floppy. One minute he's telling me he wants to take things slow the next minute he doesn't know what he wants. I told him a couple of weeks ago that we should just be friends, but he didn't seem to like that idea. So, he can say "let's just be friends" and I'm suppose to say yes and be ok with it? In a week or maybe 2 he'll say something else. My ex never means what he says.

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  • Because you're his entertainment and you're threatening to take that away; he doesn't want you to move on because then he can't use you, but doesn't want to commit because he doesn't genuinely care about you enough to make it work. He's a douche, move on.

  • This will not come to anything, you are simply dragging out a long winded break up. He left you for another girl and now he wants to use you to get his kicks as and when. When you refused he got defenseless. He basically threw his toys out the pram because you said he couldn;t have his own way. Move on and leave him to it.

    • I want to believe that he could be confused into what he wants. A few weeks ago when I pulled the "friend" card he told me to stop saying stuff that I didn't mean, he didn't want to be friends a few weeks ago, now that his ex is back in the picture things changed all of a sudden. This is how he was when he came back a few months ago, and his was in the picture but he didn't want to give her what she wanted so he left her again and now he brought her back for reasons I don't know.

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    • He's a jerk

    • exactly.

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