Dated and confused?

I went out on an amazing date with this guy that I’m really into 3 weeks ago. We met on tinder so I wasn’t expecting much but when we met I felt chemistry and a connection with him. Before our date ended 4 hours later he said he wanted to see me again and we set up a date for that upcoming Sunday. During the week we text back and forth. On Saturday he texted me just to make sure that I was still on for Sunday which of course I was. So we go on our second date it’s awesome as well this time we were together for about 6 hours. We couldn’t get enough of our conversations. One thing that caught me off guard was that he didn’t want to hug me because he wanted to get to know me better but we kissed goodnight on the previous date. Anyway he caressed my legs under the table as we chatted and seemed very interested in all the things i had to say as I did of him. Close to the end of our date he asks when he can see me again and I let him know, this time we didn’t set a third date but he said he would let me know when he would be free. We walk to his car We kiss. Everything seems normal and great. A few days after our date I text him to say hi, he responds and I ask about going on our date and he says he’s busy with work but has some thing’s he had to get handled he will text me during the weekend but even though we texted he never made plans to see me. The next week and I text him on Wednesday I ask him when he is free he lets me know he’s working the rest of the week and doesn’t know about the weekend. I stop texting. On Friday I send a cute photo of myself and caption it thinking of you, I hear nothing. Then I text Saturday “so wassup I know we both have been busy lately but when are we going to hang out? Any ideas?” He doesn’t respond until the next day to say that “Right now I dont think its best for me i got to get some things in order" please help!


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  • Shit happens. Take any changes or differences with a grain of salt. Dont let it bother you and keep doing your thing. You've already put the ball in his court 3x, so backoff until he reaches out


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  • Sounds like he met someone else... Or he was just wanting to hook up and thought it was worth the effort but someone else beat you to it...

    doesn't sound ideal though :(

    • He was really respectful so I don't think he wanted to hook up he only kissed me when we were in his car and never asked to come to my place. I think he found someone else to date

    • You are right in my opinion

    • There will be others xx

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  • Yes. Pretty much he met someone else and you're not in the priority list! I've been through this and believe me, the best way to handle this is DO NOT MESSAGE HIM ANYMORE. I know its not easy but move on.


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