Do I let him go?

I'm really good mates with this boy who is a couple years older than me. We have been getting closer and trust each other and tell each other almost everything but he doesn't like going out with people who are so much younger than him.

However, he recently said he thinks he may like this girl who is in the year in the middle of us. And I am friends with her. She is a lovely girl but I'm really starting to like my friend but I don't know if should say something or just tell it go and act like I'm happy for them both. Or will that mean I will miss my chance as he is going to a different collage soon and I know he would never get with me after that. What do I do :S ?


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  • It is better to tell him if you really like him but think carefully first before you decide. Think, meaning try to assess your feelings for him, if you are sure with him. But whatever your decision may be, make sure you'll be happy with it so that there will be no regrets in the end. All the best. ;)

  • Well, you are the only one who can really make the decision. I think there are a few things to consider before you decide. IF you decide to tell him how you feel, it will change the dynamic of the relationship. He will either reciprocate your feelings or not. In addition, if he doesn't share the same feelings then there will be some unsettled awkwardness. The relationship might not ever be the same.

    If you are comfortable with pursuing it and seeing what happens then go for it. If you think that it will hamper the relationship too much then hold back. You really are the best judge because you know him better than anyone else.

    Good luck.


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