How to start things back with your ex?

My ex and i broke up in march, a few months after, completely out the blue as we hadn't spoken since we broke up, he told me he still had strong feelings for me and really missed me but didn't think a relationship would work so i told him to leave me alone because i didn't get the point in telling me. i then started seeing someone new for about 3/4 months which has now ended because neither of us felt that strongly for each other.
I still have strong feelings for my ex, i've tried to move on and get over him and i haven't spoken to him in about 2 months but its just not happening. I know he still has some feelings for me but he wanted to be single more which is fine.
i'm just hoping maybe he's gotten over wanting to be single and if anyone has any advice on how to slowly test the waters? He thinks i hate him so i know he won't reach out to me first or anything


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  • The very first step in this is to open the channel of communication. This is one of the rare occasions that I think texting is a wonderful invention. Even if he isn't a big texter, he can still say a simple greeting. The point of texting him is to eventually meet up with him. So text him the first time and then wait a few days and then text him again. If he contacts you before the second time, causally ask to grab a bit to eat or something. If he doesn't contact you, then text him and ask while you're both texting. Then when you meet, don't even talk about the relationship or the break up. It kills people when you know what's going on but the other person isn't talking about it. If he brings it up, then talk about it but if not, then tell him that you still have feelings for him. It's always scary and a risk to do it, but if you don't nothing will happen.


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  • just message him asking how he is...

    • i know its silly but i'm scared haha, things ended really badly the last time we spoke, he was drunk but he basically got with someone else in front of me a week after he'd slept with me and then said he wasn't ready for a relationship. I feel like messaging him out the blue is gonna look desperate?

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    • Haha unfortunately i think he'd see right through that. Our only problem is that he's a really busy person and it led to a lot or arguing about not spending enough time together, he's convinced that would happen again if we tried again and won't give me the chance to prove it wouldn't. even though he was the one that brought the whole situation back up when he told me he still really liked me. What do you think about a snapchat that i send to lots of people but also him, this would be the first contact weve had since i yelled at him

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  • I think that you might still be hurt, but if your heart is still with him then maby give it a second chance. Because you both had time to grow and develope in the time of your break up. Sometimes a break and fresh air is good to realize on what you can work within the relationship with him.

    • I am still hurt but I'm not angry anymore so I thought maybe now would be a good time? I think I'm just scared to try again because I'm not sure of how he feels but I know there's no point waiting for him to contact me because he thinks I hate him

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