Who puts a whats app status?

i broke up with my boyfriend about 3.5 months ago we were together for almost 3 years and were passionately in love but also fought a lot.. anw something happened 1 night whilst we were out.. we argued and he left from where we were i was so mad tht i told him not to contact me again.. i loved him so much though and im still hurting maybe even more now then back then.. he deleted me from fb about a wk after our arguments and we haven't been in contact since..
But lately i noticed on his whats app account that he adds song lyrics I've never seen anyone put status's on whats app.. i know it sounds silly.. but is he trying to get my attention? but then again y doesn't he man up and call me.. i feel like if he really wanted to and loved me he would.. 1st status was oasis's crying ur heart out 2nd was 'i wanted freedom.. bound and restricted i tried 2 give u up but im addicted... and 3 days later its ''send me a sign.. turn back the clock.. give me some time.. i need to break out''... are these suppose to mean something? or am i reading wayyy too much into it? mind u he rarely used whats app..


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  • He want to have a break up with you.


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