I'm not overreacting, right?

I got dumped 2 weeks ago, in a text message, with no explanation. We had a relationship for 2 months and the breakup was really really unexpected. I was and of course still am heartbroken. His name is Kyle.

2 days ago he said to my BEST FRIEND (Maureen), that the day ever he dumped me, he fell in love with her.
So my friend said; ''Sorry, but I'm really not cool with this.''

Today he got suuuper angry at me (first time talking ever since the break-up message)
because "It's my fault he can't date, Maureen. It would be better for me and Maureen to stop being friends cause Maureen is clearly in a impossible situation to (if that would've been the case) confess her feelings to him''

Maureen blocked him on every kind of social media cause she reallyhates him now

Is it weird for ME to be pissed? Or was he right about ''me forcing Maureen to ignore his feelings?


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  • No, you are not overreacting. No, it is not weird for you to be pissed. You are in the right in this situation. And it is nice of your friend to show support and to block him. It's an asshole move on his part, and an incredibly immature, obnoxious sign for him to then get angry at it and blame you. That is him not talking responsibility for his past actions, which is a huge red flag and not the type of guy any woman should want to be with. Ironically, it is probably a very good thing for you, in the long term, that he broke up with you when he did. The longer he was with you, the more emotional damage he would have done. That kind of guy just goes around breaking women. He sounds like a baggage builder.


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  • Noice! Props to ma boi on his way to claim his next trophy 👙😘

  • No, he's wrong on just about every level. Be grateful you're not still with this jerk


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