Would you think less of someone for this?

if your girfriend/boyfriend broke up with you because of circumstances not working out and causing arguments,
then they told you they wanted to get back together because they still had feelings and had made a huge mistake and still really cared about you and missed you
then they changed their mind because they thought the same problems would happen so you had a big fight because you felt led on by them because they had implied you were getting back together then wanted to just hang out and get with other people and see how it went so it ended really badly in a huge fight.
if a month or so after not talking you messaged them or snapchat, what do you think they would you think?
for example would they be like:
i told you i didn't want to get back together leave me alone you're so annoying
they want to be friends
maybe i can fix this and can try again



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  • I would move on. I wouldn't even associate with them because obviously there more into drama then me. I don't want to be miserable so I wouldn't be with some one who continued to manipulate me that way. Either she likes me or she doesn't. If she doesn''t think its going to work then move on.

  • I think that they will say that they don't want to talk
    But its a 50% chance to be friends


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