What would you say to a friend thats locked in a relationship because the boyfriend will kill themselves if they break up?

A friend of mine is dating a guy that said he would kill himself if they broke up. She broke up with him once before and he started cutting himself and saying bad shit like that so they got back together. She doesn't want to date him or see any good future. Im trying to give her advice but im not too sure what to say. Opinions?


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  • Realistically, she can't expect go be with him forever. At some point she has to break away. What he is doing is manipulating her into staying , that's not right. He's making himself out to be the victim but really she is.

    He's mentally unstable and needs help. She should break up with him for good. Save his messages that he's self harming and threatening suicide to the police/and a suicide center.
    She can't allow herself to be held hostage forever.


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  • Tell her that he is not her responsibility. If he wants to die, let him die.


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  • She needs to find a way to get help for him, because he's practically blackmailing her right now. Maybe talking to his family... make sure there's people looking out for him, because if he's saying and doing stuff like this it can get way out of hand and if she doesn't get out of it as soon, he might even hurt her...


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