Why is my ex talking to me still?

So my ex boyfriend who I dated for 3 years we broke up well I broke up with him because I couldn't trust him and I always accused him of self and recently we had a problem which turned out not to be a problem I thought he liked this girl and he told me he didn't that she was a friend anyways we took a week break of not talking to each other but we are mad and then for about 3 weeks or so we've been talking leaving bakery and I each other for the first two weeks and then this last week is actually kind of made a little bit of a connection we started talking about how we wanted to have sex with each other again and then all of a sudden he would agree and then he would back out last minute how maybe we shouldn't do it he doesn't always text me I usually text him but he carries out the conversation and always calls me he wants me to call him before he sleeps or whatever we got into an argument last week him saying he's happy being alone but I asked him if that's true then why you keep talking to me and he said I don't know he sounds confuse to me and I'm confused myself what should I do is he talking to me because he wants to be with me or is he playing games


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  • I think he's confused about what he wants and what he thinks is the right thing to do. It's easy to sleep with someone but it's hard to walk away if that triggers emotions. You both probably know that the right thing to do is to think about what you both really want and then get together.

    Been in a similar situation, though. I'm finishing school and he's just starting his career--he asked to meet, which I did. He said keep in touch, though I haven't responded. Think about what you want

    • Do you think he did something with that girl? He said she's a close friend that's it but he still acts immature and puts stuff up like that is like wtf with other friends of his

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  • I don't because he feel things for you!

  • playing games he is the ex for a reason move on and find some one better


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