I know this is desperate but I want to do it anyway, someone talk me out of it?

I want to somehow let my ex know that I still love him and would go back to being his girlfriend if he still has feelings for me.

We've been broken up for eight months - I ended it but only because I thought he was going to since things got so distant. But there's the unrealistic side of me that thinks maybe that's not what he wanted after all. I mean when we broke up he didn't give me a reason, no explanation. Just told me I'm smart funny and talented, I'm an amazing person, and said I don't belong with someone like him... WTF how is there any closure in a breakup like that? Would someone just say those things to be nice? Or did I walk away from the person I love over absolutely nothing? I keep thinking that I screwed up, but I can't be sure, and honestly I don't want to be that desperate type of ex that emails him and makes him wish I'd never reached out, but I also don't want to go the rest of my life wondering.

I want to say something like "you'll always have a place in my heart and in my life" or there's always room in my life / heart oh my god as I'm writing this I can only think how pathetic I am.


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  • do you really want him back i want you to email me on my private email and i can give you some tips that will be very useful and helpful email me on mccartkatty@gmail. com

  • He broke up with you , so personally i wouldn't get in touch with him. If he wants you to be part of his life, then he would put you in it... you shouldn't have to fight for a spot.

    You will probably never know the true reasons why he ended , somethings maren't meant to be understood... just accepted.

    • It , some things*

    • aren't*

      Sorry for errors!

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