Dating someone new but I still think about my ex?

I was with my ex boyfriend a year. We knew eachother since we were kids. He played me when i was 16 dating me at the same time and had a girlfriend i didn't know about. We got together when he was 24 last year. I gave him the benifit of the doubt and yes he had changed. But the relationship was toxic. There was a lot of nasty arguments, control, posessiveness, emotional abuse. He broke up with me 4 months ago, saying he didn't love me no more and that he had someone new. I cried and sort of did my healing then while he ignored me and moved on with this new girl. So i started to pick myself up again. I decided to date, i dated 1 guy before the guy i was seeing now. There was no spark so i told him that maybe it was to soon and i continue dating him. The person im dating atm came out of the blue. We just connected straight away. he's not a push over and he's a really nice guy. He has a lot going for him and treats me with respect. I found out that my ex unblocked me on facebook. So i posted a lot of photos with my current "BF" i do genuinally like this new guy. Im confused to why i got a kick out of getting a reaction from my ex. He blocked me again and tried to get back with me. I said no and i was happy and i didn't love him anymore. I still do have feelings for my ex. But id never get back with him if he asked me to try again like he did 3 weeks ago. I still do have a cheek peek at his instagram and it doesn't hurt that he's following other girls like it ust to when we broke up. But i feel panic if he flirts with other women. I am really confused. I have no intention of hurting the guy im currently dating. I also dont want to give him up or use him as a rebound. I have fallen for this new guy. I am wondering if anyone can shed light on why i dont want my ex back but i still miss what we had?


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  • This is normal you still have feeling deep down inside. But it doesn't mean you should go back with him EVER again. But his thoughts and memories will always be in your heart even if you have moved on. I wouldn't worry about it. Congrats!! On your new relationship. 😊😊

  • this is normal you are just focussing on it way too much and making it in to more than it is.

    Firstly you need to unfollow this guy yourself. Be proactive so that he will not even be an issue in your future. You then need to forget him. It is natural to not like the idea of your exes with someone else. My ex got a girl pregnant shortly after we separated before we were even divorced. The one good thing was that while he hurt me, he put the final nail in the coffin too. I could never go back with a permanent reminder...


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