Will we every have another chance?

This was my first relationship I had with this girl and it has lasted up till now. I can't see where it went wrong to be honest. First month, everything went really well, she couldn't wait to talk to me like every day, we texted each other nearly every hour and she invited me round to her house so many times to watch movies and talk. The second month, she starts her final year of school and she begins to talk to me less and less and that was understandable because of school stress and mock exams, we couldn't stop speaking to each other and every conversation got more and more personal (normally after school, sometimes during). We got to the point where we knew we loved each other and we reminded each other that. Now, the third month, she doesn't text as much and she never ever picked up the phone, even though I knew she was available. She went on Facebook to talk to people and when I start chatting to her, she takes ages to reply, and because of this i regularly asked her if everythings okay and she says things are fine. I talked to her the same way I did from the start, she changed from that and now she tells me she's not ready for a serious relationship, even though she basically handled it for 2 whole months. She was the only person I talked to about personal things so yeah I did want to talk to her a lot. She told me that i kept talking to her even though she was really busy with moving house and it really ennoyed her, then there's me thinking "how long does it take to look at your phone and reply with saying hi, wuu2" etc. I did this at like 11 so she can't be busy literally all day. Just the day before the breakup, she hung around with her ex and apparently they got on really well as normal friends. She said to some of my friends "I'm thinking about breaking up with him" and guess what? Literally the day she moved house, she splits up with me, just as she's about to get in a moving van. She called me and I argued in confusion and anger.
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  • 3 month cooling off period... I remember those!


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  • Forget it. Don't dwell on this any longer cause she was just using you


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