Does my ex still care? Why?

Kinda long story. My ex broke up with me a few weeks ago. A few days after he did I left a note on his doorstep pretty much pouring my heart out (we broke up because we argued too much and he didn't want to continue anymore) A few days later something told me to go to his Instagram account and I did and noticed that very same day I left my note, he uploaded his new profile of the pic that he sent to me while we were together. I ended up texting him (very mean text) that it was wrong he uploaded that pic the same day I expressed my deep feelings yada yada then ended up cussing him out. I blocked him for a few days then texted him saying sorry and how it was the hurt talking. He accepted and thanked me for the apology and letter and said how he thinks positive of me. I never went back to his profile again until yesterday and noticed that he took down the pic (he probably did the same day I texted him angrily). In fact, he has no pic uploaded. I think he might have felt bad and knew it didn't look right even though it shouldn't matter since we are no longer together (I realized this few days after cussing). Does he care? Also, the very next day after apologizing I asked if I could come over and talk but never got a response. So I pretty much told him a "ok thats cool" type response and haven't texted or contacted since then. It just puzzles me how he cares that much to take down the pic but doesn't want to see me?


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  • You should have gone no contact after he dumped you. The more you try to contact the more he's going to pull away. I would move on and expect nothing at this point.

    • Yea I heard about that but if it's meant to be it'll happen. If not then pain gone anyway. It's just cool it showed he cared. I wouldn't had. I'd been like f u lol anyway thanks!

  • Even though it sucks that you are broken up, you should probably just cool down a bit. :/ It sounds like you're sending him quite many texts and letters, and by the look of it he must be very confused, seeming that you lash out in anger one day and leave love letter the other day.
    He may just have taken it down because he didn't want more arguing from you.
    If you want him back, or at least want him to want you back, or if you want to get over this, you should do your best to calm down and think about something else. :) Just delete him if you have to, and cool down. Don't send him anything more now.

    • Thanks. I've left him alone since 2 days and TRUST ME moving on. He won't hear from me again. If anything it kinda gave me closure that he did that to at least show that I WAS once upon a time important to him. He knows though that I wouldn't have continued arguing with him after I cussed him out (whcih I was wrong for). He even like I said thanked me for the apology and letter and expressed kind words to me and still hasn't displayed that pic. I just wish he wanted to see me because he expressed how months later an old flame, which he expressed he really didn't like that much, contacted him and he hung out with her but she wanted sex and he opposed so I guess I kinda feel like "u can't see me tho?" I don't know maybe he feels it'll just start something if I saw him or he knows I might want to talk about things and he's sure of his answer. Just don't understand if I was done with someone, I really wouldn't care, block them, etc.

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    • Yes ma'am. I was too good for him. It just clicked to me which is why I made that bold statement. Not rubbing it in or think I'm all that but he was below average and I'm above. Ok that sounds bad lol but he knows it! And if he can't handle me at my worst (which is nothing as long as he showed he cared cuz he didn't while together hence me blowing up on him) then he doesn't deserve my best. Everybody looked at us funny when we walked around together. Even my daughter was like "its like the nerdy kid in highschool winning the jackpot with the popular pretty girl" (she so sweet lol) Anyway thanks again, you've been real cool.

    • You go girl! :) You'll be fine, I know it! No problem, here to help! :)

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