Ex girlfriend randomly text me mad.. Like why even bother if you over me?

My ex left m a month ago. I have been in NC for a week and half.. I was talking to a mutual friend who is a female.. Giving her motivation and tips on how to stay on track for weight lose. Our mutual friend must have text my ex saying "wow I can't believe he lost so much weight" then out no where my ex text me saying "leave my friends alone" The mutual friend said she has no problem talking to me since we are friends as well. What do you think is going on through my ex head? She is the one who left and wanted time apart to focus on herself. I told her I am happy right now in my life and I'm living mine. Is she missing me right now?
Any ladies care to put in a input?
After her texting me yesterday. I noticed today she unblocked me on Facebook.. We are not friends on Facebook though... I don't get how u get mad I'm talking to a mutual friend.. Then after I tell u I moved on and am happy. She unblocked me. Is she wanting me to add her or something?


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  • You're starting to look better and moving on. It's driving your ex crazy! Yes, she's missing you! I would keep ignoring her... just to let her cook in her own juices!!!

    • I did message her back telling her I am I am being nice and trying to help motivate her and set goals. I feel like I should not have even messaged back. I told her I have accepted everything and moved one... Told her I am happy and loving my life.

    • Please be very careful hun. My boyfriend started talking to his ex and has been nice to her but then she started saying how much she hated that she screwed up with him and he said it wasn't her fault. This ended up hurting me a lot and we are having a fight over it. Please just ignore her for your own sanity.

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