If a couple get back together after a split does that mean they will never part again?

I heard them fighting... She was saying, "u don't care... U don't need me in ur life!"
i also heard her screaming, "I'm nearly 30... I want a baby now!!!"

low and behold she is pregnant now...

He looks disinterested in her... They might go out with friends once a week but the rest of the time he is off doing his own thing (sport, seeing his friends).
They have been together for 8 years... They live together for 3 years... Now she is pregnant...

But they aren't married...

There is no way they are going to break up hey?

whats gonna happen?

he left her once but then went back... Does that mean he loves her and can't live without her?


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  • no one knows what's gona happen. i have a friend with 3 kids, not married. relationship went to hell. neither my friend nor the girl are happy with each other. they raise the kids, but now call themselves single.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's hard to say. It really does depend on other factors in the relationship such as the genuine strength (or weakness) of their bond, how intense and solid their chemistry is, how much respect they show one another, and the overall dynamic between them. Some connections are so alluring and gripping that there's this elasticity to them because the two people involved can't help but be drawn to the warm goldenness of the bond.

    While you interpret his actions as being disinterested and choosing other things over her, he may truly just be one of those social guys who craves a balance when it comes to how he spends his free time. A lot of guys need to nurture hobbies or spend time with their friends. They're just not the type to abandon their individual identity and let their life revolve around a relationship. Also, the fact that they're not married doesn't really mean something because a lot of couples stay together for years before deciding to legally share everything they own and take that major step. If they've been together for nearly a decade, then odds are he truly does love her.


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  • No they will probably split again and again.


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  • Love never comes with a guarantee , so no one can guarantee for sure they'll never leave or hurt you. People change, feelings change and over time they grow apart

    The relationship you have described needs a lot of " work" . If they don't communicate and work at staying together then the relationship won't survive

  • I think you need to see a therapist


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